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Top 25 Books on Investing

Updated: Jan 30

top investing books

It is very important to know the basic terms used in investing. To get the most out of your investments, you should know the differences between stocks and bonds, how cryptocurrency works, how inflation affects investments, how important risk tolerance is, and how tax efficiency can help your portfolio earn more money.

Understanding what money can and cannot do for you is just as important as wanting to be wealthy in the future. This includes how we spend our money, how family events might change how we think about spending, and how being in a lot of debt can become a barrier to our success.

Here's a list of 25 books that cover a wide range of investment topics neatly organized into 5 categories to help you gain investing skills from the best resources.

Investment Fundamentals and Books for Beginners

Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Investing

Investor Biographies and Wisdom

Advanced Investment Principles and Analysis

Economic Foundations and Investment Context

investing books

Here's a more detailed look at each book on our list...

The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing

Author: Taylor Larimore, Mel Lindauer, and Michael LeBoeuf

This book shows you how to use the way of investing that John C. Bogle suggests. It's about making saving easier, putting your money into low-cost index funds, and investing for the long run.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author: Robert Kiyosaki

This is a famous book on personal finance that stresses how important it is to learn about money, investing and building wealth through assets instead of traditional ways of making money.

The Little Book That Beats the Market

Author: Joel Greenblatt

There is a simple way to find good companies at low prices and invest in them that Greenblatt calls his "magic formula." This book explains it.

A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market: Everything You Need to Start Making Money Today

Author: Matthew R. Kratter

If you want to start saving, this book will show you the way. To start, you will learn how to open a brokerage account and buy your first stock. Kratter used to run a hedge fund and was alive during the market crash of 2008 so his advice is useful for the modern volatile markets and helps you avoid making rookie mistakes.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

Author: John C. Bogle

Bogle started The Vanguard Group and made the first index mutual fund. He died in 2004. His mantra was to spend with a reason, keep an eye on the long term, and cut down on internal fees as much as possible. He also liked dollar-cost averaging, which is a way to invest slowly and steadily. People who read his book will know the difference between a good investment and a speculative one.

The Meaningful Money Handbook

Author: Pete Matthew

A straightforward guide on how to organize your money in a useful way. It talks about spending, saving and planning for your retirement.

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America

Author: Lawrence Cunningham

This is a carefully chosen collection of Buffett's famous letters that show how he manages his money, invests, and runs his business.

Principles: Life and Work

Author: Ray Dalio

Dalio talks about the ideas that have helped him be successful at Bridgewater Associates. He mixes lessons from his own life with advice on business and investments.

The Alchemy of Finance

Author: George Soros

Soros talks about his theory of reflexivity and how it can be used in the financial markets. This shows how he invests and analyzes the markets.

Market Wizards series

Author: Jack D. Schwager

A collection of interviews with some of the most famous traders in the 1970s and 1980s, giving a wide range of trading methods and marketplace views.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Author: Edwin Lefèvre

A semi-autobiographical book that provides an insight into the mind of a trader - Jesse Livermore and gives an idea how the early 20th-century stock market looked like in detail.

The Millionaire Next Door

Author: Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

A look at the habits of millionaires busts some common wealth myths and gives advice on how to get rich in the long-term.

Richer, Wiser, Happier: How the World's Greatest Investors Win in Markets and Life

Author: William Green

Green gathers the tips and tricks of some of the world's best investors, with a focus on building wealth over the long term and improving personal well-being.

The Psychology of Money

Author: Morgan Housel

Housel, who is always looking for practical solutions, tells 19 short stories about how people think about money. These stories show investors important behavioral principles that they too often ignore. This book is a nice change from more technical books on money that often focus on the math behind smart investment instead of common mistakes people make.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Author: Daniel Kahneman

A groundbreaking look at the two systems that control how we think and make decisions, which has big effects on how people make choices in many areas, such as investment and economics.

Fooled by Randomness

Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The way that people think about chance and success is challenged by Taleb's discussion of the ways in which luck influences both people's lives and the stock market.

The Behavioral Investor

Author: Daniel Crosby

How to become a better investor by knowing the psychological and behavioral factors that affect investment choices.

Your Money and Your Brain

Author: Jason Zweig

This book goes into the neuroscience of business and talks about how feelings and cognitive errors can affect the choices we make about money.

The Intelligent Investor

Author: Benjamin Graham

It's known as the "bible" of value investing, and it explains the theory behind "value investing" and how to spend in a disciplined way.

Security Analysis

Author: Benjamin Graham and David Dodd

A profound book on value trading that gives you a good base for looking at stocks and bonds from a value point of view.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

Author: Philip Fisher

Fisher focuses on investing in high-quality, well-run growing companies and gives investors a way to find these kinds of possibilities.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Author: Burton Malkiel

A lot of people know this book for supporting the efficient market theory and a passive investment strategy, especially index funds. Malkiel says that the prices of assets show signs of a random walk, which means that they are hard to predict and make many standard investment methods useless.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Author: Burton Malkiel

This famous book is a complete guide to investing. It supports the idea of an efficient market and the advantages of passive index investment.

The Four Pillars of Investing

Author: William Bernstein

Bernstein talks about the basics of investing, including theory, history, psychology, and business. This gives readers a solid foundation for building a diversified investment portfolio.

Basic Economics

Author: Thomas Sowell

No jargon or equations, just a clear and interesting introduction to economic principles that makes complicated ideas easy for anyone to understand.

Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk

Author: Peter L. Bernstein

This book analyzes the evolution of risk management in investing, looking at how our knowledge of risk has influenced the financial world.


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